Hello, gorgeous.
I am so stressed out that I am making myself sick and I have a fever. That’s fucking fantastic
I fucking hate people
You are so beautiful. I hope someone treats you like a princess. I know I would.

Please tell me who are you

I can honestly say I love my cat more than anything


Hello Lyme disease

Sorry to hear about your wreck. Hope everything will get better soon. I'm glad you weren't injured too badly. Get well soon, ok.

Thankyou. Everything is working itself out. I’m still sore but okay. Her insurance is taking full liability and going to look at my car Monday, and I get a rental car. Thanks for the concern :)


On my way to work, lady ran a red light. Tboned her, my car spun, and ended up on the curb in from of the police station. Front end destroyed, both air bags deployed, windshield shattered. It’s totalled. She has some damage to her door and she’s okay. She apologized, said she was just dazed or something. I have no serious injuries. Spent how many hours in the emergency room. Just bruised and sore, and going to feel it even more in the morning. I know I’m lucky, but I can’t close my eyes without replaying everything.

Nobody wants to hear about you smoking, or drinking, or partying. Literally, nobody gives a fuck.

hi tumblr.

hi tumblr.

Is everything ok? You haven't been very active so I was worried something might have happened. If you ever need to vent or even chat, please let me know. I'd be happy to help in any way I could.

You’re very sweet for being concerned. I’ve just been busy with work and summer plans. I hope you are doing well!